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Hunter Corgis is dedicated to creating healthy, happy, loving, Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Our dogs are both smaller in size and have a slightly shorter back length than is normally encountered by the average breeder. We specifically breed our dogs for a slightly shorter back length than is specified by the breed standard because we believe that the overall health and strength of a dog is a more important than the appearance of an attribute (a breed specification) such as, length of back.

Our main belief is based upon research conducted by both veterinarians and research facilities at primary veterinary schools. By slightly shortening the back length, we give strength to the spine! In addition, we leave just enough tail to accomplish the same spine strengthening effect. We want our dogs to live long and prosper.

In the last 11 years that we have been breeding corgis, we have never received a significant negative health report from any of our puppy owners. Interestingly, we have never had any significant health issue with ANY of our own dogs either. Importantly, to our new prospective puppy owners, we offer a one year guarantee against any significant health defect. In the event there is a significant health issue, we offer a replacement puppy in exchange from the next available litter.

We take great care and effort to breed only the best specimens that we can find. Our Sire, THB Freemont, comes from a long line of Champion Dogs. All of our Dams are imported particularly for their small size. Since we only breed one pair per year, we make sure that the litter counts.

Robert & Michell Anne Kimball

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